"Where Are You Really From?" stemmed from frustration, confusion, and a sense of isolation. In light of the current political climate and incidences in my personal life, I was forced to confront my coloured-ness. And from facing it head-on, the world, as I used to see it, fell away only to reveal a beast more complex than I could have imagined. 

(Note: I acknowledge my light-skinned, well-educated, cis-gendered privilege for allowing me to go 26 years in relatively blissful ignorance.)

Growing up, I would often forget that I am a woman of colour. I treated my coloured-ness like my 5'0" stature: something that sometimes affected my life; but I couldn't change, even though I wanted to on so many occasions. 

It was something that both acted as a point of connection and solidarity (cue: I'm not short, I'm fun-sized t-shirts), as well as a point of exclusion (ever been the shortest person standing in a group conversation? You can't hear what other people are saying and sometimes, people literally do not see you.). 


It was something that both acted as a point of connection and solidarity, as well as a point of exclusion


So it was, and so it is, with being a woman of colour as well

-at least for me. 

I wanted to see if others felt this way. I wanted to explore what it means to be a woman of colour- this lumping together of multiple backgrounds and multiple experiences into the generic category of  "Other".  Was there one thing, some thing, that we all had in common?

Through this project, I hope you are able to peek into the lives of the wonderful women involved. They are not always victims, not always confused, not always confident, not always anything;  except themselves.